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Nourish the Mother, Pregnancy and Beyond

Getting ready to for, pregnancy and motherhood,

is a sacred, spiritual journey to welcome and raise a child into the world. It's an intuitive process that requires a woman to access her inner shakti power.

There are so many physical, mental, and emotional shifts happening while preparing to raise a child. There is also a lot happening in the unseen spiritual realm.  Taking on a spiritual and conscious perspective on pregnancy and motherhood can enrich your experience and bring deeper meaning to your journey.   

I encourage mothers to reclaim birth as a normal, natural, sacred part of life is to reconnect with your innate wisdom. Even when medical interventions are necessary for the safety of mom or baby, the sacred nature of birth can be preserved.

My Offerings

Pregnancy Yoga class, Is a wonderful way to prepare for labour and birth.
Each 60 minute class consists of yoga-based exercises movement, breath awareness, meditation techniques and relaxation to keep you fit and healthy during your pregnancy.
The classes are specifically designed as gentle, yet strength building to help you release tension, relax & be comfortable throughout your pregnancy.
You will also learn techniques to help you through labour with or without medical pain management.
Each class concludes with an opportunity to chat and ask questions about birth related topics

Pregnancy Yoga

Nourish the Mother

Postnatal care

Mother and baby Circle

A supportive mothers circle for new mums with relaxing baby massage, gentle yoga, mediation. Come, restore your energy, find your village and enrich your journey

Our circles are a safe, shared space where mums come to talk about their feelings and experiences without any judgement. These spaces are special and where supportive friendships are made.

We start each session with a relaxing baby massage. Baby Massage will not only support your baby's well being and development but can help problematic ailments such as colic,reflux and constipation, teething and congestion, it also promotes better sleep. This is special time for you and your baby to bond in a relaxing setting.

Once babies are settled we use this time for the mothers to put the kettle on and connect, share with other mothers.

It's a space where you can share your story without any worry about how you will be heard. A space where you belongs and is listened to with empathy. A healing space where you let go of what you think has to be and begin to become who you wants to be. A place to laugh and cry. Somewhere where you feel valued and is notforgotten underneath a pile of dirty babygrows, to-do lists and everyone asking how you how baby is but never how you are.

Each week there will be conversation themed to support your postnatal recovery.,short, yoga practice or meditation with journal prompts. If you pay for the full course each Mum, will receive a 50ml complementary Neals Yard organic baby oil

The last week of the 4 session block is a celebration where we enjoy a new mother ritual, photos to cherish and create a teething necklace for you and your baby,

Wednesdays 11.30-13.00 - four week block is £55, £20 single session (depending on availability)


What is a Closing the Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones is a ceremony to honour the end of a pregnancy it consists of a womb massage and body wrapping using fabrics (a Mexican scarves called a robozo) to rock, bind and close the pelvis.

It is a traditional ritual used in Ecuador and other parts of Central and South America after women have given birth to support their postnatal recovery.

As well as many benefits physically, there is also an emotional and spiritual aspect to the massage too, it provides the mother space to feel nurtured and release emotions associated with giving birth and motherhood.

The ceremony can be considerably powerful in helping to heal emotions, even many years after the birth itself.

  • Closing the Bones can be done privately just you and I (your baby could be looked after by someone else or potentially present with you during the massage if they are sleeping).
  • Or it can be very powerful to have it as a ceremony with a close circle of woman friends and family around you. It can be a beautiful way for friends and family to acknowledge the transition you are going through and invite them in to celebrate and support you.

Who would benefit from a Closing of the bone ceremony

  • Postpartum Woman (closing work can be done years or decades later still too with the intent of closing after a birthing experience)
  • After baby loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion
  • After a hysterectomy
  • Womb Healing
  • To mark the end of a breastfeeding journey
  • To honour milestones e.g. 1 year post-birth
  • To honour the menarche (a girl's first period) (rite of passage to Maiden)
  • A time of transition end of a relationship, start of a relationship new job, new house etc...
  • To assist in the perimenopause or mark a women's menopause (rite of passage intothe beautiful state of Crone or Wise Woman)
  • Help anxiety, shock, PTSD
  • To support with endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods, prolapse
  • For healing (physical, sexual, emotional, domestic) abuse and trauma
  • Ancestral trauma or trans-generational wounding.

Closing Bones

Price options.

Just you and I - £85 1.5 hours
This can be very powerful in a one to one setting to go deep into and honour your journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We take time to chat in the beginning, considering your pregnancy, birthing experience and motherhood and what has been significant moments for you and your transformation into a mother. I will then do an abdominal massage, use the rebozo to rock your pelvis, bind it and then wrap your hole body into a cosy coocoon of blankets and scarfs. Once you are wrapped, I hold the space in a number of ways, usually with visualisations, soothing words and sounds - this time is usually quite profound for women to connect with their journey of transformation. 


In circle with your women friends and family (4 -12 people) - £200 3 hours

I will hold the space as a ceremony allowing your friends and family a chance to share their love and support for you as well as honour your journey and transition into and through motherhood. This is a space to invite your loved ones in and if need be a place to release any emotions from your birthing experience or postnatal period and move forward as an empowered and supported mother. I will meet with/ contact your friends and family first to share a song with them and let them know how they can be present. You will then join. We will have a circle to share everyones blessings, then begin the massage, at the time of wrapping, your loved ones will take part here. We will then sing together, share a poem, meditation and have hands holding you. To finish we will go round the group with some words of more love and support and then close. You may also like your friends to each bring a dish and then you can feast afterwards!

Nourish the Mother

A Mother's Blessing - An alternative to a baby shower

A Mother's Blessing Ceremony is an event that creates space to honour, support and celebrate a woman's spiritual journey into motherhood, with the focus on her, rather than a conventional baby shower where the focus is on the baby.

A Mother's Blessing Ceremony involves the mother to be gathering in person at a home or at my studio with close women friends and family members around. The aim is to shower her with love, support, and bless her on her journey into motherhood.


Some common activities during a Mother's Blessing Ceremony would be:


  • Speaking or offering written words of support and wishes for mother and baby
  • Giving massage or pampering to the mama to be 
  • Belly painting
  • Ritual
  • Each guest brings a bead to make a necklace or another object for the mother to be. This is for her to have during labour and beyond so she will remember she can always call upon her friends love and support through this treasure.
  • Everyone writes a letter of support to the mama, Once baby is born I will send one a month in the post to help mamma on her journey.
  • Everyone brings a special item to create a nurturing altar space at home for the mother to be to sit and feel held and empowered during her pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.
  • Guests could each be asked to bring a dish for the freezer (to help during the weeks after the birth) or be invited to sign up on a rota to bring food round the week after the birth.

If you would like me to organise and facilitate your Blessing Ceremony we would have an initial meeting to plan what you would like. We could tailor make the event to suit you and your group, you would then send me the emails of everyone you would like to invite and I would take care of the rest. I would get the group together and let everyone know what to bring.

If in your home I would come early to the ceremony to get the space ready and welcoming. I would then facilitate the women in your life to support you, hold you and celebrate you and your transition into motherhood.

Price starts from £150.

Please get in touch for more information.

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Empowering women to reclaim their power
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